Mission Details

MESTLER / ANDRover Mission
: A high power rocket ("MESTLER") designed to carry a Galaxy Nexus and a remote controlled rover ("ANDRover") to (+/-) 2500'.

The mission goals: Deploy and land a fully autonomous lander containing a rover. Upon successful landing deploy a remote controlled rover.

The "ANDRover" is a Bluetooth enabled remote rover that will be 
controlled by the Galaxy Nexus via 4G LTE. "Mission Control" will control the rover over LTE from a remote Chromebook.

Flight is planned for July 23rd, 2016 at NARAM58

Inquieries: andrac.missions (at) gmail.com

Catastrophic Launch Failure Videos

Launch occurred July 23rd, 2016 at NARAM58

These two videos show the catastrophic launch failure from two perspectives. The  forward motor casing appears to have failed. The failure resulted in a 100% loss of all vehicles (Launch vehicle, Lander, and Rover).

The first video is from NARAMLIVE.com and is ground footage of the failure.

The second video is from the airframe mounted camera (only camera to survive).

Build Videos

These two videos demonstrate how the pyro events occur on both the rocket and the lander.

Pyro events on the rocket are required to release the payload bay doors (which releases the lander).

Pyro events on the lander are required to:

(1) Release tethers allowing the lander legs to deploy.

(2) Release the main descent chute after touchdown (to avoid dragging the lander after touchdown).

These two videos demonstrate the rovers mobility and its functionality.

The rover is Bluetooth enabled and paired to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus for remote control capabilities.

The rover itself is powered by a digiStump Digispark micro controller.

It is constructed with Lego parts and 360 degree modified servo motors.

Build Pictures
Rocket Buildhttps://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/103046622291761686739/albums/6102625742380368257?sort=1
Lander Build
Rover Build